Lilac Memories


Lilac Memories

The lilac boy enclosed by his thoughts 
saw steam whisk around the bathroom light. 
Like shoals of fish the drops condensed in his mind 
Baptising thoughts of love 

Delicacy, youth and trust 
Embedded in the sand. Engulfed 
By the effervescent waves spattering his memory 
With their gentle ferocity. 

Be a man, they said, whilst 
Warm cider dripped down their throats. 
Fragile shrieks of girls drowned by boy-men echo 
in the walls of a vacant mind. 

Drink this, drink that drink her 
Whilst salt glides down your cheeks. 
Taste her ephemeral beauty circling your tongue
In the muffled dampness of the morning. 

Today. He looks back in the mirror 
At the lilac thoughts which swim in his mind. 
Sea-sick eyes which once were smooth regret
The chipped man they find. 

For there is a consistency in waves 
Which move pebbles like people down the shore.

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